How to Limit the Environmental Impact of Your Construction Project

A construction project has a significant impact on the global environment. Actually, every aspect of a construction project affects the environment in some ways. Here are some of the ways to limit the environmental impact of your construction project.

Limit Usage of Fuel

The largest environmental impact is caused the fossil fuels that burn at a construction site. These include diesel and gas. A construction project entails emission of gases like carbon dioxide and methane. There are also other waste products that promote global warming while polluting the air.

To limit usage of fuel, minimize the haul distances. Also reduce the idling time for vehicles. It’s also crucial that you use greener or alternative sources of fuel. If possible, ensure that only hybrid equipment is used in your construction project.

Reduce Noise

Heavy machinery at a construction site is a major cause of noise pollution. Noise can also be caused by site preparation activities, landscaping and demolition. Businesses and homes near your construction site are likely to complain about noise pollution. To avoid noise pollution, adhere to the local restrictions by the relevant authorities. You can also talk to neighbors to alert them about the noise.

Dispose of Waste Properly

Waste from construction materials and demolition can lead to environmental pollution if it is not disposed of properly. Contractors dispose waste through incineration or landfills. But, these methods affect the environment negatively. Recycling, reusing or salvaging the materials can help in cutting down on the harm that these materials cause on the environment. Therefore, consider recycling or reusing materials that may be considered waste.

Employ Reusable Technology

There are green construction options that can be used to minimize the negative environmental effects of construction. For instance, you can use inflatable water dams to reduce erosion, prevent sedimentation, and water runoff. Use such technologies to minimize environmental impact of a construction project.

Each construction project is different and there are many ways to limit the environmental impact of a construction project. Talk to your contractor before your construction project start to determine the best ways to reduce its effects on the environment.

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