Reasons to Build a Tiny House

What are tiny homes? A tiny home is a relatively small house. Most people build it on wheels or set it on a foundation of about 400 square feet. Simply put, tiny homes came from people choosing to downsize the space they live in with simple and fewer resources. Most tiny homeowners embrace the freedom philosophy that accompanies the small home lifestyle. Here are some reasons many people are obsessed with tiny homes:

Environmental Friendly

Tiny homes are considered zero buildings, which consume less energy than renewable sources such as what solar panels generate on the site. Tiny houses use less energy. They require less natural resources and energy, minimizing waste that experts associate with large construction projects. Tiny homes need less energy to heat and cool. Thus, they don’t require costly heating or cooling units.


As tiny homes’ fame increases, the average size of the American family also reduces. Families have shrunk by about one person. Beyond this, people have adopted a simple way of life, just buying or consuming what they need: No excess.


If you love traveling and adventure, then tiny homes might be your thing. Some small homes are mobile since owners can place them on wheels. Can you imagine living your daily life on wheels? Today you are in Washington DC and California the next day? Tiny homes offer the owner the freedom to move residency at any time. A small home will allow you to live debt-free without a mortgage and less tied down to the traditional neighborhood way of life.

Take Away

Having a tiny home means that every square foot, every purchase, every desire has to be carefully examined. Choosing a small house will offer you more energy to focus on what matters, such as relationships, creative pursuits, travel, and adventure.

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